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In-store kiosks are also taking advantage of online personalization tools for cosmetics buyers.

Netplex Systems, Reston, Va., is developing a kiosk called Kioskmetics that will help consumers make cosmetics selections by matching their skin tone and applying the color to an online model.

The kiosk will have a separate library of hundreds of skin tone swatches—similar to swatches found in a paint store—that will help users best match their complexion, explains St.Jones, VP of Emerging Technology for Netplex.

Kioskmetics prototype at a Prescriptives counter

A barcode printed on the back of each swatch can be swiped with the kiosk’s scanner.

The kiosk will prompt users to add personal information, such as hair and eye color, to make the model more realistic.

“We are trying to lower the level of frustration consumers feel when shopping for cosmetics not only online, but in stores that may not have knowledgeable staff,” St.Jones says. “This will not only add personalization, but better customer service.”

The service will be free, and Netplex plans to be working with a cosmetic retailer and manufacturer partner within eight months.

St.Jones® headed the Atlanta office of Netplex as the V.P. of Emerging Technology for Netplex until it was bought out by a Canadian software company in 2001.