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Via a touch screen desktop, AAA/CAA members will be able to access services similar to those found on www.aaa.com and www.caa.ca. Some of the features of kiosk will include reservations for hotel, air, and car rental. Members will also be able to obtain TripTiks, (AAA’s online driving directions), find information on their favorite theme park, view and update account status, change information, conduct an array of financial services, and join or renew membership.

“This interactive kiosk will provide our members localized information, products and services currently only available through the affiliated club internet sites, said Ron Morehead, Managing Director Internet. He continued, “In the near future, our members can walk into select AAA/CAA offices or other locations and renew their membership, make a loan request, print out driving directions and other member services.”


The AAA customer service kiosks have been installed in Washington DC, Minnesota, Ohio, Toronto, Rhode Island and Vancouver. These interactive kiosk have ads by Disney, Hetrz, and AAA National

St.Jones Enterprises was responsible for the project architecture, fixture design and user flow design for this project.